Value Recovery Services


Want to save 30-60% on your telecommunications expenses? 

MSI’s Value Recovery Service cuts telecom service expenses by a third or more and improves performance.   How? … You ask.  

By aligning telecom billing, service, and infrastructure with one another we streamline the process which works better and costs less. Much Less!


MSI’s Value Recovery Service has three phases.

Phase One is a comprehensive financial and technological audit with our Knight Vision™ process which creates a complete understanding of your telecommunication costs.

MSI’s Knight Vision process is a forensic investigation of the entire telecommunications function of your company.  Just as night vision goggles bring light to the darkness, a Knight Vision™ report will provide a completely transparent view of your entire telecommunication eco system; Infrastructure, Billing, Usage … Everything!

In phase two we analyze the data collected and make recommendations to achieve maximum savings and performance. We then develop an action plan to put it all together.

With over 30 years in the telecommunications industry, MSI has the expertise to provide you with the best service in the industry.  Advising, planning, and course of action to take. Managing telecommunications projects are our specialty.

Now that we’ve planned the work, it’s time to work the plan. In phase three we implement the action plan and measure the results of our efforts. With MSI’s seasoned Engineers, you’re in good hands.

We are a select team of well trained, highly experienced senior IT professionals. Our team is very disciplined, with decades of real-world experience to optimize your network for maximum savings and performance.

Optimize your telecommunications today and gain maximum savings and performance!

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