Regional Pest Control Company Saves 50%!

Waltham Services, a regional pest control company operating in New England & New York, took advantage of MSI’s Value Recovery Service.  The savings & network performance increases were significant! … and the fees for service were paid completely out of the savings!

• Multi-state/multi-site
• Grew threw acquisition
• Extensive private WAN


• Expensive Ad-hoc private data network
• Increasing on-line applications requiring remote access
• Increasing security requirements


• Documented and reviewed Voice and Data networks
• Prepared detailed financial assessment of telecommunications infrastructure
• Identified cost reduction opportunities
• Restructured contracts with carriers


• Redesigned WAN to leverage latest technologies for high performance and high security
• Incorporated infrastructure management tools and trained in house staff.
• Reduced monthly recurring costs by 40% for voice services and 58% for Internet/WAN services.


An optimized network works better and costs less, much less!  Optimize your telecommunications today and gain maximum savings and performance!

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