The ABC’s of Network Optimization

Assessment, Baselining, and Cost Structure Evaluation…


Too often and all too easily, telecommunications networks can become “black holes” for corporate resources. The combined effects of having to juggle the demands of expediency and availability in terms of applications, bandwidth, hardware, and disparate corporate requests can lead to network designs that are far less efficient and more expensive than need be.

Even more, the term “design” may be a misnomer; as a result of constant reconfigurations, tunings, tinkering, elemental adds and deletes by interested, but not always communicating, parties, the true physical and logical network infrastructure may be an undocumented unknown. In today’s business environment where the network is the business, running an operation on such a platform can be a serious corporate liability in terms of performance, efficiency, security, business continuity, and cost.



Network optimization results from a structured, iterative process of assessment through discovery, baselining through examination of elements identified in assessment, and cost structure evaluation through financial and performance audits. MultiSystems Interconnect’s KnightVision™ is a unique network analysis and design service that identifies, defines, documents, and evaluates network elements via a strictly defined process.

The comprehensive methodology results in detailed documentation on network infrastructure, activity, and costs, as well as problem identification and solution approaches. It provides the hard data for informed tactical and strategic decisions, all the while helping you experience a noticeable improvement in overall performance, with a reduction in the number of network disabilities and amount of network downtime, while benefiting from lower operational costs.



Performing the necessary comprehensive network analysis tasks requires an extensive knowledge base coupled with a defined strategy and a rigorous process. MultiSystems Interconnect’s network engineers bring a high level of expertise to the job of evaluating critical elements.

This expertise includes network architectures, operating systems, performance analysis, internetworking technologies, product-specific information, and carrier services, as well as formal network design principles, statistical analysis, and visualization techniques. Where desirable, we will work directly with your staff members; their participation can often contribute greatly to the continuation of the process at the conclusion of our involvement.


An optimized network works better and costs less, much less!  Optimize your telecommunications today and gain maximum savings and performance!

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