Knight Vision Audit

A comprehensive financial and technological audit of your telecommunications.

MSI’s Knight Vision process is a forensic investigation of the entire telecommunications function of your company. 

Just as night vision goggles bring light to the darkness, a Knight Vision™ report will provide a completely transparent view of your entire telecommunication eco system; Infrastructure, Billing, Usage … Everything!

 Knight Vision™ creates a complete understanding of your telecommunication costs, usage and performance.

LAN/WAN Performance Analysis:  We measure and analyze the infrastructure components serving your locations for key performance metrics.  This process allows you to fully understand which applications are running over the WAN and what resources are being used to support those applications.

PBX Performance Analysis:  We conduct an in-depth analysis of your PBX/Voice Switch to determine if resources are optimized and costs are minimized.  In addition, we determine if the quantity of working trunks is appropriate for the traffic volume and if the trunks are properly distributed among the trunk groups.

Telecommunication Bill & Contract Audit:  Linked to our PBX and WAN analysis; we make sure your telecommunication costs are in-line with the services you are purchasing.  This audit will verify your pricing and compare them to market projections for similar services.

A Knight Vision™ report is a critical tool for understanding your entire telecommunication eco system and is part of MSI’s Value Recovery Service.  We compare the information from the Knight Vision™ report to current service and pricing options, and then we develop an action plan.  Then we implement the action plan and measure the results to insure maximum performance and savings are achieved. 

By aligning telecom billing, service, and infrastructure with one another we streamline the process which works better and costs less. Much Less! In most cases, MSI’s Value Recovery Service can realize 30% to 60% in savings and credits.


An optimized network works better and costs less, much less!  Optimize your telecommunications today and gain maximum savings and performance!

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