Triangulating Your “Network” Position

Wrestling With an Out-of-Control Network

Hunt Alternatives, LLC (Cambridge, MA) had several IT and network initiatives pending. They were also experiencing several problems with their current environment including poor performance with remote access to files located on various servers (mixed vendors and Operating Systems) scattered around their network. They were also planning to deploy a hosted VoIP solution to replace their aging PBX systems.

Senior management did not want to proceed with the pending initiatives without completely understanding their current environment and identification of the factors contributing to the network behavior.

allConnex’s partner for engineering and analysis of network problems, MultiSytems Interconnect, Inc. (MSI), was engaged to employ their Knight Vision™ network analysis process to inventory and measure the performance of key components, determine and review the current configuration, and investigate the possible causes of the performance problems.

Using measured and projected values for various traffic types (remote file, Internet, voice, and video); MSI proceeded to document and measure the voice, video, and data services for the entire environment. They then went to work digesting the raw data and developing a qualitative and quantitative picture of the situation.

MSI recommended a number of changes to the servers and network including the consolidation of several of the server and recommended several changes to the network configuration for traffic grooming to better balance the traffic flows. We also recommended the creation of an “Acceptable Use Policy” (AUP) for Internet use to reduce the amount of extraneous traffic enforced by various existing security mechanisms not wisely used in the current environment.

The most important change is the development and implementation of an overall Life Cycle Management Process (plan, design, implement, operate, optimize) and a more rigorous network management process defined by MSI.

They are currently proceeding with the implementation of the changes prescribed.



What we do:  MSI optimizes your telecommunications for maximum performance and cost efficiency.

How we do it: MSI’s Knight Vision™ Audit gets all the critical information about your entire telecommunications eco-system; billing, infrastructure, usage… everything! We then put our 35 years of experience and expertise to work and provide you with the best solution for your company.

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