Welcome! New England Consulting Partners

MultiSystems  Interconnect, Inc. (MSI) is a firm specializing in voice, data network, and Internet services auditing, re-engineering, and optimization services with an outstanding track record of success.

We would like a chance to show you how MSI can augment NECP’s efforts to streamline operations and reduce expenses for your clients, whether you are preparing a business for sale or in a turnaround situation.

We have selected NECP for two very specific reasons.

  • First, we admire the way you work, taking a detailed and thorough approach for your clients. MSI uses a similar process of rigorous discovery and analysis. Click here for more details on our “Value Recovery Service” (VRS).

  • Second, we firmly believe the service we provide will complement your methodology and bring additional value to your client base.

MSI can help NECP accomplish this in an area that most companies ignore or don’t do very well, even though it is a significant cost center:  voice, data network, and Internet services. Partnering with NECP, we can provide a financial and technological audit, analysis and restructure a client’s voice, data network, and Internet services, resulting in a savings of 35% – 63% in Telecommunications/IT expenses based on experience with our previous clients. The savings can begin right away. That makes for a more appealing balance sheet.

Please see an example case study below…

Waltham Services, a regional pest control company operating in New England & New York, took advantage of MSI’s Value Recovery Service.  The savings & network performance increases were significant!  


• Multi-state/multi-site
• Grew threw acquisition
• Extensive private WAN
• Expensive Ad-hoc private data network
• Increasing on-line applications requiring remote access
• Increasing security requirements
• Documented and reviewed Voice and Data networks
• Prepared detailed financial assessment of telecommunications infrastructure
• Identified cost reduction opportunities
• Restructured contracts with carriers
• Redesigned WAN to leverage latest technologies for high performance and high security
• Incorporated infrastructure management tools and trained in house staff
• Reduced monthly recurring costs by 40% for voice services and 58% for Internet/WAN service
Monthly Costs Before and After VRS Project
“We have used MSI for years and they
continue to astound us with their attention to
details and quality. Their consultants are
always well qualified, with a focus on solving
my problem.“
-Robert McGuire, CFO
Waltham Services, Inc.

Ours is a valuable service that NECP can utilize to reduce a client’s overhead. It works for businesses of all sizes and types, and our fees are more than offset by the savings realized almost immediately.